5 Reasons To Use A Recruiter

So here you are.  An inside sales ninja.  An expert on the phone.  A cold calling machine.  Able to overcome any objection in a single bound.  Nothing can stop you.  NOTHING!!!  Except for that darn glass ceiling.  Or maybe you got laid off.  Or maybe your company is asking you to relocate to Mars.  Whatever the reason(s), it’s time to make a change.

So you post your resume, you ping your network, and you get ready to consult your magic 8-Ball for the tough decisions that lie ahead.  But there’s one thing you forgot to do:  Notify your recruiter.

“Your what?  Your recruiter?  What can they do for me?”

Great question.  Here are the 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Recruiters.

1. They know about jobs that you don’t.

Not every company posts their jobs on [insert name of whatever job board you posted your resume to].  And not every company posts their entire list of open job positions on their own company’s website.  Nope.  Jobs, just like information are all over…and, at the same time: nowhere to be found.  And that’s where recruiters come in handy.  Heck, they know about jobs that most company’s employees (including you- don’t know about.)  Confidential searches, new offices opening, expansion plans for the future?  Recruiters.  So make sure you reach out to as many as you know.  Knowledge = power.

2. Recruiters are how businesses find and attract top talent.

Ever wonder how VP’s, CEO’s, CIO’s, and top level managers change jobs?  For the most part, they sure don’t post their resumes on job boards, aren’t posting it on their Facebook pages or Tweeting out that they’re looking.  They’ve notified their recruiters and done it all on the down-low.  A sure fire way to have an uncomfortable conversation with your boss is to post your resume on a public forum where EVERYONE (including your own company’s HR department)is looking.  Your boss and your boss’s boss didn’t just grow their network of recruiters overnight.  They found their recruiters and maintained relationships with them since day 1.

3. Recruiters are the best interviewers in the business.

Ever wonder if you’re good at interviewing?  Ask your recruiter to prep you…run you through some scenarios.  Think about it.  Their job is to figure out what their client needs and then get them the right person.  While you may be looking for a job every few years: a recruiter is helping people find jobs every single DAY.  They know the tricks of the trade.  What makes the hiring manager say YES and most importantly….say NO.  So use your recruiter as a resource.

4. Your resume is terrible, and your recruiter will gladly tell you why.

So you know how you need to work on interviewing?  You can’t even get to that step if your resume looks bad.  And trust me…unless you’ve had a professional write it for you: it’s probably terrible.  Forget about what your college/high school adviser told you 2, 5, 10, 20(!) years ago.  The game has changed.  Sadly, so many people are toting around terrible concoctions of word jumbles and trying to pass them off as resumes.  Ask your recruiter, and then listen to what they tell you to do.  Trust your recruiter.  They know more than you.

5. Your recruiter doesn’t get paid…unless you do. And even then: it’s paid for by the client.

Most recruiters have an agreement with their clients:

  • They bring you to them.
  • The client hires you.
  • The recruiter gets paid.

A lot of times this is 100% commission (or something close to it).  A lot of times, this is paid for by the Client (read as: the company that’s hiring you.)  And then (once again) a lot of the times you have to last a certain amount of time at your new company before the recruiter can even cash the check.  So as much as you want to get hired; so does your friendly neighborhood recruiter.  And as much as you want to be successful: your recruiter’s livelihood and REPUTATION are on the line as well.  So be sure, after you get your new job, to keep in touch with your recruiter.  Often times they’ll be able to serve as your sounding board/confidant as you navigate through your first 30, 60, 90 days.  Heck they might even be able to tell you things about your performance that they’ve heard through the grapevine that could be the difference between you having the corner office…or sitting on the corner outside of the unemployment office again.

So take care when that pesky recruiter calls or emails you.  You might not need them now.  But you will, 100% need to know them later!

If you have any questions about the process, or would like to know more about ARS and our success stories, please reach out to us and we will respond quickly. We understand that finding the right employee and finding the right career are important goals, that is why we spend the extra time to make sure that we help facilitate relationships that are going to last. Whether it is Sales, Technical, Leadership, Legal Recruiting or helping you find and coaching you to start your career: we are here to help.