Business Development Specialist ‐ Entry Level

Business Development Specialist ‐ Entry Level

Business Development Specialist
Los Angeles
Posted 2 months ago

We are seeking a passionate Sales Professional that will reach out and initiate a discussion with businesses.

Specialized in designing and manufacturing sampling valves, our goal at BIAR Sampling Systems is to help as many Chemical Plants as possible increase safety and get high quality samples of Hazardous Chemicals. It is our responsibility to engage with anyone involved with Sampling to proactively uncover challenges and provide solutions. It all starts with the Process Improvement Specialist ‐ Hazardous Sampling
(Business Development Specialist ‐ Entry Level)

The mission for this role is to contact via telephone and email as many people involved with sampling Hazardous Chemical as possible and have a discussion to help them uncover and identify related challenges. Once the challenges and Decision Makers are clearly identified she/he will involve a Sample Valve Expert (Sales Engineer) to provide a solution. She/he will make sure identified challenges are being addressed and any solution provided are satisfactory
and remain so until new challenges are uncovered.

To be successful, the candidate is expected to make 50 phone calls a day to generate and qualify leads as well as requalify past customers. She/he will build and maintain a relationship with leads and gather relevant information to update the CRM rigorously and thoroughly.

The ideal candidate will have a genuine interest in understanding how safety and high‐quality samples of Hazardous Chemical are achieved in different operational unit of Chemical Plants throughout North America. Inquisitive and curious she/he will seek first to understand before being understood.

Qualities expected from the candidate
 Drive for picking up the phone and finding out as much as possible about customers’ challenges
 Rigorous and Helpful; always “think” about what he/she is doing
 Optimistic & Enthusiastic
 Open and honest
 Humble
 Relentless ‐ drive for results
 Passion for learning and professional development
 Systematic and Efficient and at the same time Adaptive & Flexible
 Strong ability to multi‐task, including conversing while navigating our CRM system simultaneously
 Proficiency in using computer applications
 High level of integrity
 Sense of humor


BIAR Sampling Systems is specialized in the design and manufacture of sampling valves and adapters used to extract chemical liquid and gas samples from the process line. Our products are engineered solutions that are easily customized to suit customers’ needs. With 30 years of expertise in highly hazardous products sampling, we have designed systems for processes as diverse as nerve gas, polluted water or gaseous acid.

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