05 Apr

Ruling Covid 19 Recession Like A Boss


Don’t assume that all industries have shut down. There are many industries that are now considered Essential Businesses and traditionally remote positions are recession proof. You need to attack the available positions with vigor. Many companies are still in the process of hiring, but are completing the interview process via Skype or Zoom. Many of us are gardening while in quarantine, so why not start sprinkling your resume, virtually, just like seeds? Sprinkle that stuff everywhere!

Make sure you have an action plan of what type of job you are hunting for and have a resume to match each position. If your most recent job is not on your resume, update it. Start a goal of applying to 5-10 jobs online each day. It’s a numbers game. The more positions you apply for, the better probability you will get an opportunity to score an interview. Don’t forget to answer the screening questions, because those who do not bother to answer are typically screened out. If you snooze, you loose!

Shed debt as you are able. Reach out to debt consolidators to help lower interest rates and consolidate your debt. The Apple card and other banks are allowing customers to skip a payment, but that only goes so far.

If there was ever a time to become the boss’ MVP, now is the time. Small business and companies are having to lay off employees. Make yourself indispensable so that you are Lay Off proof. Show up on time, perform your job well, be a team player and develop a reputation for being reliable, even if it is from home wearing your pajamas. A good track record makes it more likely that you will be kept on, when others are chosen for lay offs.

Get yourself a side hustle. Difficult times call for difficult measures. Find a remote part time gig that will give yourself a cushion to your paycheck or carry you through unemployment. There are plenty of freelance jobs you can do remotely. Who knows, you may like the 1099 world and not want to go back to the life of W2.

There is no point in having regrets that you didn’t plan better for a pandemic and it’s recession. An old African proverb says, “When you pray, move your foot”. Now is not the time to focus on what you could have done. The time is now to tighten up your budget and protect your family from contracting the virus. Prioritize what you need and cut out expenses that you don’t need. We understand that some governments may think Coffee Shops are essential business, but are they really?

If you have lost employment due to COVID19, you may apply for unemployment. Many states have extended benefits for those that typically have not qualified in the past, such as 1099 Independent Contractors. Check your local state unemployment website for the benefits that you may qualify for. Each state has varying COVID 19 relief.

There are small business loans that are being offered by the US Small Business Administration, such as Economic Injury Disaster Loan Emergency Advance (EIDLEA) and Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Many small business think moving to a remote working model makes sense. We agree. There is much to learn, let us help.






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